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6 week tactical training course


Brillstein tactical training



Special Operations and Unconventional Warfare (SpecOps) and Counter Terrorism

This is a hands-on and no-nonsense tactical training course with members of ex-elite military special forces from Israel, South Africa, France, the US, Britain or other countries.


This exceptional tactical in-camp training covers a wide array of course topics including special operations tactics, unconventional warfare, basic and advanced PSD, Convoy Security,  Urban Sniper, CQB, Defensive Driving, Advanced Marksmanship, Counter-Terrorism and more. This 6 week course will be a very intensive experience. Also included is a 16-week-fitness course to build up and polish your personal fitness, plus a preparatory study part to bring all participants on the same page.


Prior military or CP/counter terror training will be a plus; however the course can be attended by beginners also, as it includes a complete curriculum.. 



You will receive an up-to-date 6 week special operations training in-camp, comprising tactics such as:

  • • Special Forces tactics, close protection tactics
  • • Terrorist tactics – what makes terrorists „tick“
  • • Intelligence, surveillance, counter-intel, counter-surveillance
  • • Weapons training, booby-traps, explosives
  • • Hostage rescue
  • • Special Warfare tactics
  • • Sniper und counter sniper
  • • Assault, ambush
  • • Night fighting
  • • Close combat, survival, escape & evasion
  • • Navigation, special weapons
  • • And more
  • • Field accommodation, food and weapons incl. in fee
  • • You will train exclusively in the field so it’s not going to be a party…

Seminar fee:  incl. the complete seminar, as above, is 9,500 EURO (about 12,000.00 USD depending on current exchange rate) incl. accommodation, meals and full training, use of equipment and certification - upon completion of the training, we will offer you a guaranteed employment - the camp can be completed in 6 weeks, in 3 x 2 weeks, or ins 3 x 2 weeks - more info upon request

Requirements: clean bill of health, no criminal records, min. 21 years of age

We can customize this course to fit the needs of your team (min. 6 participants) - PMO or PASO students receive a 50% discount on the fee for this SpecOps course.

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