Undercover Operative Training

add-on training for undercover investigators, intelligence operatives, strategic security, journalists and more

Acquire one of the most important skill sets in the security industry and get one of the best-paid positions in private security - a skilled and effective undercover operative

(matching parallel course: counter terror specialist)

While the general market for private security is currently almost SWAMPED with operators in the field of protection - static or close protection - there are only very few true specialists available in the field of undercover operatives. This is one of the most lucrative niches of private security, an excellent option for a long-term career.

First things first: it cannot go unmentioned that some of the most important qualities of successful undercover operatives are ingrained character traits which can't really be fully acquired through training. On the other hand, it must be said that very often a candidate only discovers THROUGH training if they possess these qualities or not.

Working undercover can be very straineous, both mentally and physically, you need good nerves, you can't be easily intimidated, you must think quickly on your feet, you must fit in and be able to stay calm in difficult situations, you must be patient, you must prepare well and have an eye and ear for details, you must be able to live a secret life without others noticing, you must be able to be emotionally detached, be seperated from your real life for stretches of time. The pressure can be very high. However, having said that, at the same time you will face a LOT less competition as a professional operator, since the are very few competent and specialized private operators on the market. Thus, as an Undercover Operative, business opportunities and career option are plentyful.

It is absolutely certain: not every person is undercover material... in order to be effective, successful AND safe as an undercover operative, you need the above qualities and more... this work definitely is the most exciting and the best paid in the security business, you will not hear the actual operatives brag about their job, in fact NO ONE CAN EVEN KNOW, and your life as undercover operative may very well depend on your not talking about it.

The other side of the equation is this: skilled undercover operatives are the best-paid positions in the security industry and you'll never find a more challenging and exciting job than this. Ever.

Undercover Operatives work as short-term or long-term agents, sometimes deeply implanted in businesses, groups or organisations in other countries. In short you could say, undercover operatives are either "spies" or investigators, working secretly without the surrounding knowing it, posing as different persons in totally different jobs. They collect "intel" (information), they observe, they surveil. Undercover operatives can be part of a security detail, they can investigate people or cases, they can trace lost or disappeared people, they can be part of business intelligence details, counterespionage and many many more options. Private intelligence agencies use undercover operatives. There are countless opportunities for these specialists. After all: knowledge (data, information) is power. And noone gets information sooner that undercover operatives. This makes them so valuable.

This add-on training is designed for


  • Investigators, detectives, intelligence operators, counter-intelligence, private intelligence agents
  • Security operators for high risk protection services
  • Anyone who want to learn the skills of undercover operatives, e.g. journalists

Apart from the above mentioned character traits, the undercover operative needs certain skills and techniques, knowledge and contacts without which he will not have the professional skill set. He or she would rely on chance and luck, which is not acceptable, neither for a client, nor in regards of the safety of the operative him/herself.

Thus, a certain amount of intensive and professional training is of paramount importance. When one operates under cover, there oftentimes are high risks involved, both for the client and the operative. You cannot be reckless in this line of work. Your life may very well depend on your skills, but there are many more factors in play, such as legal questions and many more. YOU NEED A SPECIALISED TRAINING. This course offers you this type training, which you won't find elsewhere:

TRAIN NOW TO BECOME A Professional Undercover Operative


  • methology, technqiues of undercover operatives - what is "field craft", how to acquire and use the skills, what excactly is "intelligence", how can YOU start working under cover
  • what kind of jobs are available, how can you acquire clients
  • intensive training of all technqiues involved, hands-on training in real-life situations, self protection, emergency protocols and more
  • planing operations, preparing operations, conducting the operation, extraction
  • special tactics - infiltrate, establish contacts, how to build a new identity with or without real new documents, how to obtain a new legal passport on a different name, contacts to existing intelligence agencies, how to support undercover operations
  • special self defense for counter terror use. This tactical defense strategy is still a military secret in Israel and not being taught to thre public. Only selected members of the security forces are being trained with these extreme technqiues, designed to stop any attacker, armed and unarmed techniques. These are REAL survival technqiues for absolute emergencies.See also TSEVAH SHEL ECHAD (Israeli Tactical Defense)

If you are interested in acquiring this skill set and attend this special course, please contact us any time.

This course exists as an off-campus course (eLearning preparation) plus a 5-day-seminar in our facility for 2450 EURO (about 3300 USD depending on the exchange rate) or an on-campus version with a total of 3 months on-campus for 5500 EURO (about 6600 USD). Detailed info on request.

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